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Free Ride Longboard Wheels – Groveler 83a

Developed over a few years of trying we feel we finally managed to get the perfect free ride formula. The Groveler longboard wheel comes in the Peg Freedom urethane formula.

The Groveler longboard wheel is 70mm x 42mm and has rounded edges which you need for sliding and hard carving. As the wheel is shaped with a nice circular edge it travels across the road sideways much better than a square or bevelled wheel, but it also lets go a bit earlier and more progressively. The Groveler has a stone-ground contact surfaces that ensures buttery-smooth slides right out of the box. The Groveler has a centre set core which allows for easy swap ability once one side of the wheel begins to wear down or cone. Centerset wheels also wear down slower than other set wheels because your weight is spread evenly across the width of the wheel.

The Groveler  longboard wheel comes in 3 Duro’s namely 78a, 83a, 87a. The 78a wheel is the softest and will provide more grip and result in a drifting style of slide where the rider is in more control rather than such of a glassing slide of an 87a wheel.

Groveler Wheel – 70mm X 42mm

Duro – 83a

Urethane – Peg Freedom Urethane