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Mini Bean Longboard

The Mini Bean longboard Deck is revised shape from our traditional Bean Squash. The longboard Deck has been designed as a high performance Junior board, it has a small standing platform which keeps you tightly locked in thanks to the 3D concave it has. We have removed the drop through cut mount and replaced it with CNC’d flush mountings. The Mini Bean has a micro drop of 1.59cm with a deep tub concave.

The 3D gas pedals allow you to lock in for your heel side slides and its sharp edges let your foot dig in for your toe sides. Constructed from 9 ply Canadian maple the deck is super stiff. This board is created to be a killer in forms of riding. It’s super rigid construction and 3D concave makes it a perfect Downhill and Fast free ride board for the smaller rider.

Get your Mini Bean complete longboard with the following setup.

36” x 10” Mini Bean Maple longboard Deck

8” Peg reverse Kingpin trucks

Peg Gnar Ball abec 7 bearings

Longboard Wheels – 78a Vectors

31mm Hardware

4mm Riser Pads

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