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Racing Longboard Wheels – Pounder 80a

The Pounder longboard wheel is one of our largest wheels in our collection 76mm x 53mm which is created from our Supremacy urethane. It has an Acute angled lip, which moulds itself to the road surface providing the most traction possible out of all of our wheels. We have rounded the lip at the tip a little to prevent the wheel from chunking should a pre-drift be necessary, thus results in a smoother slide at higher speeds.

The Supremacy Urethane used is our racing thane that shreds layer by layer and ensures traction throughout the wheels life.

The Pounder longboard racing wheel comes in three Duro’s namely 78a, 80a and 83a.  The 78a wheel is the softest and will provide more grip as the angled lip will mould to the road easier. The 80a and 83a are provided for riders to find their wheel of preference.

Size - 76mm x 53mm

Duro – 80a

Urethane – Peg Supremacy Urethane